Vehicular Cranes – MKS Force 2000

Vehicular Cranes

An efficient and robust crane for cargos of up to 2000kg

The MKS FORCE 2000 Crane is the safest and most efficient alternative for handling cargos of up to 2000kg

It has a revolutionary concept of installation, and does not require moving or recoiling the body of the vehicle; it can be installed in any position on the body of the vehicle, allowing for more space in the transportation of cargo, as well as a better positioning for loading.

Its reduced own weight of 390 kg does not alter the useful cargo capacity of the vehicle.

It can be installed in trucks with a PBT minimum of 4t, and can also be placed on tractors, and on van type vehicles, or remain stationary.

Its functioning is totally hydraulic, and is activated with a hydraulic gear pump, attached on to the power socket (PTO) on the gearstick of the vehicle.

In its standard version, it offers hydraulic activation for the first stage of the telescopic boom; a stabilizer hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic command of four sections with inbuilt safety valves.

> Technical Characteristics:

• Useful Load Moment: 2 t.m.
• Cargo Performance x Radius: 2000kg a 1m | 1000kg a 1,90m | 650kg a 2,85m
• Horizontal Reach (maximum standard) MKS Force: 2,85m
• Horizontal Reach (maximum standard) MKS Force L: 3,85m
• Vertical Reach (maximum standard relating to the ground): 4,90m
• Vertical Reach (maximum standard relating to base): 4m
• Rotating Angle: 360˚
• Rotating System: using a ratchet
• Height in Position of Transport (relating to the base): 1,75m
• Weight of the Equipment (basic): 190kg
• Weight of the Installed equipment (approximate): 390kg


Vehicular Cranes
Vehicular Cranes
Vehicular Cranes
Vehicular Cranes


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