Tail lift for gas bottle distribution - MKS 500PHL

Tail lift for gas bottle distribution


This equipment was designed and manufactured for the more demanding transporters of gas bottle distribution and for transporters of chemical products in drums.

This project was developed by Marksell in 1990 and perfected throughout the years.

It has an own weight of approximately 270 kg and offers both robustness and practicability in the movement of its cargo

It is one of Marksell’s more famous products and it has a 100% presence among the larger companies that distribute GLP and atmospheric gases, and that also transport chemical products in drums, such as Ultragaz, Liquigas, Consigás, White Martins, AGA, and others.

> Advantages

• A reduction in the number of hours lost due to stoppages caused by accidents during the loading and unloading of the cylinders;
• A reduction in the number of muscular and back complaints of employees;
• A reduction in the cases of LER (lesion caused by repetitive effort);
• Speed in loading and unloading;
• Safety bin loading and unloading;
• Less accidents;
• Optimization of services rendered (one person);
• Preservation of the collars and cases of the cylinders;
• Preservation of the paint and appearance of the cylinder.

> Technical Characteres

• Application: For loading and unloading GLP cylinders, especially P45, and also widely used in the transportation of atmospheric gas cylinders, such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO-2 and acetylene. It is also used for other products such as small drums, canisters which contain fluids in general with dimensions of up to or equal to 400mm. (For plate with larger dimensions, please contact our consultants). Within the vehicles most used for operating these platforms we must highlight the small vehicles, with a minimum PBT starting from 3000 kg

• Installation: At the extreme rear or sides of the chassis/body of the vehicle, trucks and semi-trailers with a minimum PBT of 5000kg.

• Cargo Capacity: Of 500kg at a distance of 400 mm.m

• Activation: With a hydraulic motor-pump 12VDC or 24 VDC, connected to the original electric system of the vehicle which allows the operation to take place with the engine of the vehicle turned off, with a hydraulic gear pump and a low consumption electric motor.

• Functioning: It has a hydraulic cylinder for moving (raising and lowering) the plate. It has manual tilting for the position of transport and levelling is effected with two levelling devices with an exclusive shock-absorbing system (patented), which apart from helping and reducing the effort in closing, also limits the speed of opening and closing, which makes the manual tilting operation much safer.

• Own Weight: Approximately 270 kg, (total weight installed).


Tail lift for gas bottle distribution
Tail lift for gas bottle distribution
Tail lift for gas bottle distribution
Tail lift for gas bottle distribution


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