Dock Levellers - Fixed on Pit - Mechanical - MKS PND ME

Dock Levellers


This model is for imbedding in the recess, on the concrete dock, with a self-supporting structure. It has an even more reduced height for installation (500mm) which, apart from requiring a simplified construction of the recess (trench), also has a lower transport cost.

Its construction with articulated flanges allows the vehicle to park on the dock before the equipment is activated and to lean on the floor of the body of the vehicle.

It is driven by a manually mechanised movement aided by helical springs for balancing the plate and the automatic system for opening and closing the flange, allowing the plate to oscillate when leaning on the body of the vehicle. The building of the trench is simple, with a flat bottom (requires no draining pipes) and small measurements. It has a much lower cost when compared to counterweight systems.

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Please check below the specifications list of the Dock Leveller MKS PND ME.

 MKS 6000 PND ME
Dynamic capacity 6.803kg - 10.000lb
Static capacity 13.607kg - 30.000lb
Length of plate 2500mm - 8,22ft
Width of plate 2000mm - 6,57ft


Dock Levellers - Fixed on Pit - Mechanical
Dock Levellers - Fixed on Pit - Mechanical
Dock Levellers - Fixed on Pit - Mechanical
Dock Levellers - Fixed on Pit - Mechanical


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